With a hand full of rain i come stepping around your way
With a cold hardened stare i can give well as i can take
I wanna tell ya, Mahalia
I won't fail ya, Mahalia
but this life's full of deals we could keep, but we never make

With a mouthful of gold i come raid your refrigerator
About a thousand moons ago i gave you all you could even take
I wanna swear to ya...

Mahalia, I'm right here
I wanna be near ya
I wanna live
in this life full of deals we could keep but we never make

In a room full of stars i can see you're the moon for me
give you a bill for every nook and two eyes for every angle there
I wanna tell ya...

Hang Up the Phone

How do I explain to you
who are half myself
why all I want to do
is hang up the phone
When to listen to your voice
is to remind me
of what was, and then was not
and what might still be
When to speak to you
is to be caught mute
halfway between what I can say
and what I could

Baby Belle

cold in the pantry cold in the bed
cold in her belly cold in her head
father's been gone now more than a year
mother's been tying to hold back the tears
four in the morning she runs away
into the shadows
down from the mountain into the dawn
doe eyed and tongue tied she won't last long
down in the borough the lights don't turn on
creepers and stalkers see she's alone
all alone oh
baby belle
down on the wharf they wait for their pay
crazy from hunger and tired as can be
armed to the teeth guards hold them at bay
stay in your place or get blown away
nothing makes sense but violence
thanks to the white man
baby belle
down on the wharf she wines and she dines
players are looking to have a good time
she gives them all that she's got they pay well
the money is good if you don't mind the smell
baby belle


I keep on feeling this rumbling
down below and suddenly you're tumblin down
now i know that you're lonely
but why you wanna fall on me? i can't take that load

soon as i seen you step into my world
speaking strange words
well, i didn't care cuz you were so beautiful
feelin this...

i was amazed
but exactly why i could not say
maybe it was the way
you seemed to change your face every single day
shoulda left you alone, baby and give you your space to roam
guess i should have known
you would just use me as a stepping stone
feeling this...

Long Way Down

Working at the plant building rocket ships
she's at camp serving slop for tips
but it never is enough
so they had it rough
it's a long way down. all the way down

from your fantasy
i'll make you thirst for me
no words to speak, no reason
no reason to leave

what's happening, my love?
All your dreams turn to ash and dust
she'll run with them but she'll ride with us
wanted to go far, so they're living hard
and it's a long way down. all the way down...

Hold on my love...
All my dreams turn to ash and dust
she said, you'll run with them but you'll die with us
I wanted to go far, so we're living hard.
it's a long way down. all the way down...


Hours and minutes is all you're getting
admit it's no different from where i'm sitting
Ms. Winnie, Ms. Griffin sitting, rocking and knitting
I'm smelling that stew from outside the kitchen
It's one for all and all for one
I'll give you 3 chances, guess where i'm from
I'm beside my self standing next to you
I'm above below and around you too, cuz...

I ask myself (do you know who this is?)
Do I half myself? (multi-cultral molecular self-division)
Now i'm asking you (to shine a light behind your eardrums)
What would your Granma do? (if she knew about me?)

In moments of tension, your pulse may quicken
the wolf keeps telling these sheep "stop snitchin"
so just lock it, load it your finger is itching
to pull it, these bullets now grab your attention
The window is open and the breeze is kicking in
Light keeps me blind to the lies you're spitting
In a moment of silence--cold day in Michigan
nothing you can say can shake my conviction when...

Ms. Winnie, Ms. Griffin on a Jesus mission
Ebenezer keep talking, don't know how to listen
everybody wanna come curate my museum
let me set the rules straight now as i see them
in moments of tension your pulse may quicken this
wolf keeps telling these sheep to stop snitchin
so do us all a favor, unmask your religion watch
one little strand unravel all you stiching

Words Like These

We took it fast, swore it would last,
now we spit on one another and don't speak at all.
It felt so good, thought it always would.
We made promises we never fully understood
like...forever i'm yours and I was born to love you baby.
Yeah right
Words like these are sure to break your open heart.
You took my name, and I take the blame.
I guess loving me has never really been quite fair.
You bear the pain, and I'm filled with shame.
Sleeping together living separate dreams.
Word like these are sure to break my open heart
Be true to yourself and then let me know
if you'd be so kind.
Be true to your self and then let me know
If you got the time.
Words like these are sure to break our open heart

The Show

You're just so full-featured
look at all these lovely creatures
well, you can fall down on your lovely face
you let that commerce eat you

It's the Show
it's the sure thing now
it's that Good Money
come and get your Milk and Honey

You're just so vaudvillian
up in a tall building
feel a nasty sex feeling
crash through a glass ceiling

Look at the big picture
Off in your distant future
You can smile under teary eyes
which you can manufacture


Rain falls on the city
soaks into the ground
flows into the rivers
that circle all around
and rise to meet me
Sinking underneath these streets
this water is our blood
if flows into the oceans
after the flood
some things will always be
You and me together
walking in the rain
knowing we might just as well be drowning
I love you in the rain
like no one else can know
our love each day is rising
heavy and slow
our love is lifting us up
We flow into each other
all times in every way
we are now and always
forever and today
we will go higher

Wind Song

Where did you come from?
How did you get here?
What have you become along the way?
You lied your way in. you shot your way out.
They came to get you but you got away.
I've been speaking with the wind
and she tells me when to strike
when the fire grows dim
and you're fast asleep I'll draw my knife

Out in the forest without your horses
you dragged me with you with your gun to my side
Out in the forest no more resources
I plan to kill you with the art of surprise

You raped my mother
you killed my father
you hold your heart and tell me you're not to blame
out in the forest you're such a tourist
I've walked these woods long before you arrived

Waiting on a train

I told the same lies to myself
that I told you
but tonight, with the rain falling down
I know it's not true
Sometimes, since you've been gone
I feel this way
but lately, it seems more and more
it's every single day
Now I'm waiting on a train
to bring me back to you
So many times, I told you
that I'm sorry
but please, let this be
one short of one time too many

Oliver Law

There is a place in Spain they call Jarama
that's a long way from my daddy and my momma
the President told us to stay away from Spain
but we only came here for giving Franco pain

Wasn't it Oliver Law who told me
many of us will bleed
Didn't i ever mention to you
that freedom is never free

See sling this rifle across my shoulder
crossed the ocean just to rescue Barcelona
let's take a moment to explain what we did
just to stick to those fascists in Madrid....

My lady begged and pleaded please don't you go
i left a good job at GM to go fight Texaco
people back home can't stand my People's Army
so when i get home you know they'll try to harm me...

All Force is Spent

It's a high speed blinding hide me in the hills, once it's gone
you'll have to use your hands to feel (you'd better know)
it's a one track mind that's spinning off its wheels, once it falls
the bulls will drag it off the pier (it's raining dust in here)

All hands report on deck
so right it's left
can't turn around
this course is set
All force is spent

It's a prince's party going on in here, once it's on
You'll see the champ's been here for years (fighting back the tears)
but they'll kill you at this carnival, i swear
if you run, you can return to clear the air (now everybody's saying i don't care)

It's a magic time in an elephant's career, once it's gone
you'll have to turn your face in fear
It's a lovely wind that's blowing us to bits (but I know you don't give a shit)

Gypsy Girl

she's a gypsy of this techno scene
keeps her head hid in a magazine
she wears branches weaved like butterfly wings
she's a biological masterpiece
she's a waking dream, talking flower
days are made of fading hours and ours
is a candy flavored lullaby in disguise
she can hold your hand but can't stand by your side

well i followed the canyon and found her there
bathing naked i found her there
the pills she was taking took her away
she's chemically embarrassing
she's a junkie's dream, walking flower
days full of shadows and fading hours and ours
is a strange way of saying goodbye
she can hold your hand but then, she always lies

let me show you a picture of a photograph
she was so tipsy i had to laugh
here's a loss for words who's gaining steam
i've lost my train of thought again
in a lucid dream in waking hours
days were made for love and flowers and ours
is twisted tale, and it happens every time
she can hold your hand but don't know you're alive

i had sleeping visions of her long black hair
lately i don't see her anywhere
see her wants are much different from what she needs
i only know what i believe
here's a fool's suspicion, a bastard's greed
she loves me when i'm on my knees and her love
is the light left on your eyelids from the sun
she can hold your hand but you can't be the only one